Case Study - Schlow Regional Library


Congru aided the Schlow Centre Region Library in the launch of a new identity for the grand opening of their new facility.

The end product was a multi-functional logo that incorporated visual stimuli of both traditional values and new beginnings.


In short, the Library committee provided architectural renderings, information, and books on historical buildings and architectural styles in order for Congru to begin the creative process of creating an identity true to the facility being constructed.

The information and consultation pointed to a simple solution — development of an identity that married old with new.


After initial analysis and brainstorming we began a plan that focused on three phases of development:

  • Phase one - Prototype development
  • Phase two - Feedback and fine tuning of selected concept
  • Phase three - Finalization of an identity package


While in phase one of prototyping Congru further researched the information obtained from the library committee, conducted a photo shoot of the library construction site, further analyzed the architectural styles of the new facility, and assessed the departments of the library (i.e. fiction and nonfiction sections, children's section, community reading room, meeting rooms, etc.). Some of the findings carried through to the final identity where:

  • Inclusion of the cupola, that was relocated from the old library and positioned a-top the highest focal point of the new library;
  • Selection of font types based on suggestions by the Library committee;
  • Incorporation of the floor layout within the lobby of the new library;
  • And, color choices that complemented the new building facade.


After delving deeper into his research Congru staff began to ask "What if?" Armed with answers to this question, Congru started developing not only a single logo, but a multi-part logo. A logo that represented the library not only together, but also when taken apart. The findings where that by utilizing the cupola as the main part of the logo, two different text treatments could be created to showcase the cupola and add flexibility when creating promotional materials.

The Results

The results of this project was a multifunctional logo that includes four treatments of one identity that pays tribute to the library's history. We where able to develop a logo that epitomizes the flexibility of the new library and enables library staff to promote various aspects of the library through various media such as bookmarks, Web site, brochures, library cards, bags, newsletters, ads, pens and stationary.

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