An effective strategy will give your organization the edge it needs to be successful in today's competitive marketplace.

Unlike many agencies, we don't want to recreate the wheel for you. Our goal is to help you find your vision, give you the opportunity to ask "What if?" and achieve your deliverables.

Through careful and thoughtful consultation, we can help you assess your current marketing materials or develop strategies for the first time — from brand initiation and creative campaigns, to publications and Web sites — and provide you with cost-effective recommendations that can give you far greater reach.

When, Why, and How.

By working with Congru early in your process you can explore creative avenues never before imagined and deliver highly motivated materials, that capture an audiences attention.

Our belief is that greater solutions can be conceived through collaboration of everyone involved at the beginning of any planning or implementation process.

It's the connection of all aspects involved, whether it be research, strategy or creative everyone has a unique perspective that is worth considering. By bringing everyone together early you are better able to understand the big picture and deliver results that are driven by innovation.

Even though we call Central Florida home we work far and wide. Just get in touch!
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