About Congru

Congru's focus is on connecting creative strategies with marketing, research, and business operations. We work with you to develop highly effective materials that answer the question everyone should be asking — What if?

No business is too big, or too small, to consider the impact of our approaches. By connecting creative solutions with research and marketing strategy Congru is able to deliver highly effective messaging that connects with your audience not only on a factual level, but also an emotional level.

Working with Congru

By enlisting Congru as a resource, you can capitalize on the expertise needed for fresh perspectives, creative solutions, and strategies that influence your project’s impact, cost-effectiveness, and overall success.

At Congru we pride ourselves on being a connector. By creating solutions that bridge the gap between research, strategy, and design we make it a priority to understand your business and the prospective of your customer.

Even though we call Central Florida home we work far and wide. Just get in touch!
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